Local Handyman Service

Riverton, UT

Whether you are building a new barn, a new garage or even a new home, you want your new structure to be built on a firm foundation. The structural integrity of your building might not be the most exciting part of the design process, but it is certainly one of the most important. If your building is not framed correctly, you could be in for a lifetime of problems. However, high-quality, professional framing services are a great way to begin creating a structure that will last for decades. At the Lemke Company, we are proud to provide this important service to the residents of Riverton, UT.

No two buildings are exactly alike. Even if you build two houses from the exact same plans, other conditions may vary, such as the location of the home and the condition of the soil. Because of this, choosing a company that is experienced in framing is vital. At the Lemke Company, we have a long history of providing quality framing and other home building and improvement services. We have worked hard to assemble a team that provides the best services in Utah, and we realize that we need to keep working hard on each project to stay at the top.

In addition to providing high-quality results, we also focus on our customers throughout the building process. We realize that customers often have a lot of questions when they are investing in framing, and we are happy to answer those questions and address all of their concerns. Complimentary estimates are always available, and our customers are happy with our reasonable pricing structure. If you are interested in our framing services, please contact our office to request for an appointment. Our friendly staff members are waiting to assist you, and we look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers!